Turbo Charter


Turbo Aviation provides both fixed wing and Helicopter charter services. The fixed wing aircraft - Cessna Citation CJ2/CJ1+, can be used for any of your requirements like

  • Corporate Travel
  • Business Meets
  • Holiday trips
  • Special occasions
  • Film shooting

Helicopter Charter Services

Turbo Aviation Pvt. Ltd. is the one solution for all your helicopter flight charter rentals. You tell us your needs, we provide you with full service, safety, security, luxury and convenience at the best prices. We can service all of your helicopter charter needs, 24 Hours, 7 Days a week. Be it business or pleasure, arrive with ease and allow our staff to assist you with any related travel or entertainment needs.

Helicopter Pick-Up Services for WeddingsHelicopter Pick-Up Services for Weddings

To give a touch of fantasy and thrill to weddings, Turbo Aviation provides Helicopter Pick-up Service where the Dulha & Dulhan (Bride & Groom) are heli-picked from the wedding place to the destination of their choice.


Film Shooting, Television production and Aerial PhotographyFilm Shooting, Television production and Aerial Photography

Turbo Aviation provides helicopter for aerial photography, television news coverage, and film shooting. Our helicopters can be modified to fit specialized shooting equipment .Be it your house, farm, your upcoming project etc.


Election Compaining and VIP FlightsElection Campaigning and VIP Flights

Turbo Aviation provides helicopters for special purposes like Election Campaigning, VIP Transport, Election Logistics, etc.

Advertising Banners & Flag Towing Helicopters

Advertising Banners & Flag Towing HelicoptersTurbo Aviation tow a range of aerial flags and flying banners to meet any aerial advertising or marketing requirement. Our helicopters conduct the majority of banner towing services throughout India, using a specialised overland system, which ensures we can fly your advertising banners anywhere at any time as required.

Aerial Patrol & Surveillance Helicopters

Aerial Patrol & Surveillance HelicoptersTurbo Aviation provide a selection of aerial surveillance and inspection services to meet the needs of all major utilities networks such as Gas, Electricity and Water supply.


Airport Drop Services

Airport Drop Services Rajiv Gandhi International airport is about 45 kms away from the earlier airport and in the day time takes about 2 hrs to reach by road to the airport. Turbo Aviation Pvt. Ltd., in collaboration with the Hyderabad International Trade Expositions Limited, has begun the city’s first helicopter service to drop the passengers at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad. Apart from this passengers can also hire the helicopter to fly to the Begumpet airport.


Flower Dropping

Flower DroppingTurbo Aviation provides helicopters for aerial flower or pamphlet dropping (showering), be it a religious yatra, wedding, festive occasion or for advertisement.